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How to Build the Life You Want

“Money gives you the resources to remove stuff you hate.”  – Alex Hormozi

We all know: money doesn’t buy happinses.

Yet we all chase money, thinking it will make us happy.

We may need to get our heads examined 😀

More Money Doesn't Equal More Happiness

It’s true… money can’t buy happiness.

Time & time again, someone lusts for riches & fame, only to get there and feel… empty.

Sure, their house is worth millions.  They have 4 exotic cars in the garage they don’t drive.

Yet they’re not happy.

What Money Can Do

Alex’s quote made me think…

While money can’t buy happiness (bring a positive), it does allow you to remove stuff you hate (remove a negative).

This could be quitting that job you despise.  Moving from the rough side of town to somewhere more stable.  Buying a car that actually works.  Etc.

More money = more negatives can be removed.

But more money will not bring a positive, only the removal of negatives.

Money is a Tool

Think of it this way… money can make room for what matters.

But you have to have something that matters to begin with.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with the big house & fancy cars, but no happiness.

My “something that matters”?

My faith in Jesus & my family.

What’s yours?


Hint: The things that matter… they matter regardless of your situation.

My faith & my family… they would still mean the world to me whether I’m living under a bridge or in a mansion on the top of a mountain.

They matter, rich or poor.

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