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Success = What You Work On

I had an epiphany yesterday.

I realized how some people get so far ahead, while others spin their wheels for years.

And it holds true for one-man entrepreneurs, business owners with 20+ employees, and C-level executives.

It Comes Down to 2 Things

Successful people do two things that “wheel-spinners” avoid:

  1. They identify the thing they will pursue & focus all their energy on it.
  2. They consistently pursue the thing.

1 - Identify & Focus

Successful people know what they are doing.  

They identify one thing they will pursue & focus all of their energy on it.

They don’t have a million projects going on.

They’re not hopping from one thing to the next.

They’re focused.

They know where they want to end up & point everything towards that.

2 - Consistently Do It

Successful people are consistent.

Once they’ve identified the thing they’re going to pursue, they pursue it day after day after day.

They point their boat in one direction, focus their energy & efforts in that direction over time, and keep rowing day after day.

The key: day after day after day.

99% of anything good takes hard work.

Sure, there are overnight successes, but they usually don’t last.

Win = Work.

Net Net

If you want to be wildly successful as a entrepreneur or career man/woman, focus on just two things:

  1. Clarity – where you want to go.
  2. Consistency – pursuing that, day after day after day.
C + C = Transformation.

(Clarity + Consistency 😉)
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