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How to Build the Life You Want

If you want a life that’s different than that most people live, you need to make decisions most people won’t make.

Simple, yet difficult to break free.

1 - Where are You Going?

Start by defining Where you want to end up.

What is your dream outcome?  Your Ideal Life?

Define it.  Map it out.

Those who know Where they’re going are much more likely to get there.

2 - Map the Gap

Ok, that Ideal Life you mapped in Step #1?

How does it compare to your life today?

Map it.

What specifically about your Today do you want to be different in your Tomorrow?

Map the gap.

3 - Close the Gap

Alrighty.  You know Where you want to go.  You know what needs to change to get there.

Now, figure out what to do about it!

Outline what decisions you can make TODAY to close that gap.

How can you make your Today more like your Ideal Tomorrow?

Map it out.

4 - Nike it out.

That gap?  Those things you can do about it?

Heads down, brother.  DO IT.

As Nike likes to point out, “Just do it”.

Act.  Do things.

Learn from your inevitable mistakes.

Ignore the opinions from those in the peanut gallery who aren’t living a life you want.

Yes, it’s hard.

Yes, you can do it.

To Recap

Your Ideal Life is possible.

But it does take work.

  1. Define Where
  2. Map the Gap
  3. Close the Gap
  4. Just Do It
I’m rooting for you.
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