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Lead Gen - The Evergreen Problem of Business Owners

Sales is the lifeblood of a business.

If nothing is selling, nothing is happening in the business.

No sales = no business (sooner or later).

The Problem?

The evergreen problem?

No matter what industry you’re in, or what the economy is doing?

Lead gen.

Finding people interested in your product/service.


Nearly every business owner I talk to has this problem.

It’s pervasive, but you can fix it.



Let’s start with 2 examples of what NOT to do:

1 - The "Force" Salesman

I know a gentlemen, a salesman, whose favorite term was “force”.

A couple of his actual favorite phrases:

  • “When I find my prospect at a tradeshow, even if they’re talking with someone else, I just force my way into the conversation.  Sometimes I literally just run right into them.”
  • “We just need to force them to sign.”
  • “We have to force this to work.”

Force isn’t a good strategy.

Forcing someone to do something generally doesn’t leave them with warm & fuzzies about you.


2 - The "I made it up" Guy

I went on a sales call with someone I admire.

Family guy, successful in sales, had a lot going for him.


On this sales call, his prospect started asking questions about the product.

This guy dove in, rattling off all sorts of statistics & functionality.

I sat there thinking, “Wow!  This guy knows his stuff!”


After the call, as we were walking out, he turned & asked, “How did I sound in there?”

“Great!” I said, “I didn’t know you knew so much about the product!”

His response, “… I was just making stuff up.”


In case it needs to be said, lying = no-no.

My Take

When I get on a sales call, my goal isn’t to SELL you something.


My goal is to have a legitimate conversation, learn about your situation, and see if my solution actually helps.

If so, great!  Let’s work together.

If not, no problem.  We left no stone unturned & can part ways as friends.


I’m serious.

This^^ is how I sell.

This^^ is how I coach other salesmen to sell.

Net Net - Be a Human

Assuming you’re selling to humans, it pays to be a human yourself.

In your outreach, in your sales process.


Want to get more leads?

Be a human.

It works.

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