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Give Them What They Want

There is one condition that determines whether your business is wildly successful or a daily uphill battle.

Do people want your product or service?

Or are you pushing it on them?

Push vs. Pull

Alex Hormozi says:

“I was trying to get better at selling, but I learned it’s much easier to offer something people actually want.”

Think about it.

Would you rather offer something that’s “meh”?  Something that, while maybe solving a problem, isn’t passionately desired by your client?

Or would you rather offer something that people ravenously want?  Something they are calling you, asking you where they can buy it, can they order more, “I’m willing to pay more than full price”?

Crickets in Software

Let me illustrate with a story:

I used to work with a founder in the software space.  He thought of business unlike anyone I’ve ever come in contact with.  His mantra, “We just have to force them to talk to us, force this deal to close, force this to work.”

He was all about making stuff happen (not in a good way).  His actions with prospects reflected it, coming across as desparate & anxious (neither good for inspiring confidence).  He was pushy, literally running into people at conferences to start up a conversation about how great his company was.

Can you guess what happened next?

Nothing.  Crickets.

Unsurprisingly, no one would buy.  Not only was his product simply “nice to have” but not vital, his pushiness turned people off.

And his business failed.  Doors closed.  Bye bye.


Don’t be like this founder.

Instead, be in business for your customers, not to get customers.

Solve customer problems.  Find something they actually want, and give it to them.  

It’s not complicated.

Your Homework

Take an honest look at your business.

  1. Your offering: Is it something people actually want, or do you have to “force feed” it to them?
  2. Your sales cycle: Is it a process of educating your prospect, them understanding, then signing up?  Or is it like herding cats, trying to get people to do things they just don’t want to do?
  3. Your customer retention: Do people keep coming back again & again, without a lot of prompting from you?  Do they tell all their friends & family who end up customers themselves?  Or do they drop off the back end as fast as you bring them on?

If you answered in the former, you likely have an offering people actually want.  Double down & make things happen, champ!

If you answered primarily the latter, you’re likely pushing something people aren’t crazy about.  Don’t panic.  Simply look at ways you can pivot.  Maybe you alter your offer a bit.  Maybe create an ancillary product.  Or maybe you drop your business entirely & do something else, something people actually want.

No matter what, you can do it, and your life will be much easier for it.

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